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Hello Warriors

I have got you another lead magnet that you can use to build your list.

This is brand new and is now the fourth one I have created in as many months and there will be many more to come yet.

 Here is what you can do with this remarkable free rebrandable ebook...

You Can...

  • Use it to build your list
  • Put it as a download on your blog
  • Give it to existing subscribers
  • Use it as a bonus
  • Distribute it through download sites like
  • Pass your copy around everywhere 
  • Use it as a bonus when you are promoting other people products
  • Build your social audience


I am going to give you this for 100% free because I am testing out for various results this will probably be something for a paid membership site or I might consider charging rebranding rights per product basis.

While I am still in that testing mode you can get it for free.

I want you to take a look at the quality you are getting.


How Small Subscriptions Make Big Profits 

Some of the points covered in this rebrandable 28 page ebook are: 

  • How you can easily create recurring income in 30 days or less
  • Learn how to boost your monthly income

This is a business that doesn't require a tremendous investment of time. Nor do you need a great amount of skill. Maybe you already have a successful online business but you'd like to supplement that income with more.


Your subscribers will really
benefit from it.

You can re-brand this ebook and have it as your own with YOUR links inside!

And did I mention it's 100% free?

I am giving it away free now because I am experimenting its effectiveness to be a paid for item in the future.

Now, even though you will go through a "checkout" process in Warrior Plus, don't panic, it is 100% free. You will not be charged a cent.

There is an upgrade option you will be shown which compliments your freebie but is not essential to get it if you prefer not to.

So, click the link and grab this FREE resource while it is still here!

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